TO-DO list

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TO-DO list

Post by Memory on Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:05 am

Here I will keep a log of what I am working on currently on the forum.

-A general theme (Good enough for now)
-Color schemes
-Buttons for the toolbar under the forum logo
-A forum logo

-Out of character
 ↳Character sheet (LIVE)
    ↳Finished sheets (LIVE)
    ↳ base form for character sheet (LIVE)
 ↳Additional stuff concerning character creation (races, "classes",  job, etc...) (Partially done!)
 ↳Skill list (Will come later)
 ↳Feat list (Will come later)
 ↳Level up page (Will come later)
 ↳Character sheet resume/stats (On the profile page) (LIVE! But needs updates.)

↳Lore (ASAP)
↳Bestiary (Will come later)
↳Rules (LIVE)
↳Announcements (Ongoing)
Suggestions (LIVE)

-In character
↳Areas (General area, sectors)
↳Available Npc list.
↳Important places
↳Description of each area

+Notifying people and invitations.
-Promotion (Ongoing)

+Creating an account for:
-DM/Dice rolls (Will come later)
Grand Tyrant

Stats sheet
Alignement: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Shadowrunner

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